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What is E-Therapy?

E-Therapy is also known as “Tele-Mental Health” and “Web-Based Counseling” or “Distance Counseling”. E-therapy is counseling or therapy sessions conducted by web-cam so that the therapist and the client can see each other face-to-face in a video chat-type setting.

Why E-Therapy?

E-Therapy allows for access to mental health and substance use services and counseling for those who do not otherwise have access to these services. Montana is a rural state and the ability to receive essential mental health and substance use services in a person’s local community is often limited. Also, some people may not have access to in office counseling services due to particular disabilities.

What Do I Need for E-Therapy?

In order to participate in E-Therapy you first need to have reliable internet access. You need to have a good quality webcam or camera and microphone on your computer, MAC, Apple or Android device. You need to have access to private space in your home or office for the duration of your counseling session. You will need to download VSee software (HIPAA compliant tele-mental health software) on your computer or device. You need to identify an emergency contact person for the counselor to contact in the event of an emergency. Finally, you need a willingness to participate in this type of up-and-coming therapy process.

*E-Therapy services are currently reserved for clients outside of the Billings area and/or those that have disabilities that interfere with the ability to be present at the physical office. All other clients will be seen in-office.